Best true crime channels on YouTube

Disclaimer: These are a list of channels I like and could differ from channels you like. Keep that in mind!

Coffeehouse crime

On an regular basis he uploads both solved and unsolved cases. The Cases are clearly presented and have a good structure.

Anna Solves

If you like your videos to have a feminine voice, this is the channel to be. With a clear background of the lives of the victims and perpetrators she paints a clear picture of what happened.

True Crime Daily

This larger channel does also post both solved and unsolved cases, but are more focused on American cases. There are also cases from other countries of course.

Eleanor Neale

Her videos are almost twice as long as the other channels but she makes up for it by being detailed. Almost like a documentary.

Real Crime

These videos are more like a documentary, since their other channels are primarily that. But you get a clear detailed picture of what happened.

Sorry for the very short post.

Best types of breakfast to start the day

So most times after I ran, showered it comes to breakfast. Usually if I feel particular healthy I take a slice of bread with cheese and cucumber and maybe a slice of tomato to go with it, but what are the best types of breakfast?

1. Eggie in a basket (V for Vendetta)

To start the day you start with a slice of bread and an egg (one egg per slice of bread). Cut a hole in the slice that you think will fit the egg. Butter a pan and put the bread in. Then crack the egg and pour it in the slice of bread. If the white of the egg feels solid turn it and after a few minutes you have yourself a delicious breakfast.

2. Yoghurt with some fruits

This one is most easiest to make: just pick a bowl, pour in yoghurt and put in müsli and/or fruits and you have yourself a lovely breakfast.

3. A grilled cheese

Maybe not the healthiest option but delicious nonetheless. Just grab a couple of slices, put cheese there or something of your own design and grill it.

4. Classic American

So American pancakes are a good delicious meal (although not so healthy either). First time making it is was a bit difficult but I did make them delicious. Just drizzle a bit of maple syrup on top and enjoy your breakfast.

5. A normal bready breakfast

Almost every day I start my day with bread. It is just so baked in my mind to have a bread breakfast. Just take a slice and butter it up and take some peanut butter or cheese.

Top 5 Detective/Police series that you will LOVE

I just wanted to say that these are in no particular order and or is a list I have compiled.

  1. Paradise PD (Comedy / cartoon)
Paradise PD (2018) - Netflix Nederland - Films en Series on demand
Image cred: Netflix

In a town called Paradise, the police are keeping the peace while having their own issues.

2. Sherlock Homes (Detective / Crimes)

Sherlock | Netflix
Image cred: Netflix

Sherlock Holmes in a modern world solves crime in London that often proof quite difficult.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Comedy / Cops)

Wanneer komt Brooklyn Nine-Nine seizoen 9 op Netflix?
Image cred: Streamwijzer

This hilarious police comedy shows us the work of the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn. Each have their own strength and weaknesses.

4. Elementary (Detective / Crime)

Elementary (2012) - Netflix Nederland - Films en Series on demand
Image cred: Netflix Nederland

This Sherlock Holmes series show us Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson. Sherlock is a consultant with the Major Case squad and consults on a regular basis for them. Joan helps Sherlock from doing heroin.

5. The Bridge (Drama / Detective)

Serie The Bridge - Huis van Alex
Image cred: Huisvanalex

One day on the Øresund Bridge something happens. Saga Noren from the Malmö Police and Martin Rohde from the Copenhagen Police works together to find a murderer who left a body of both jurisdictions.

The benefits of running (or any other exercise)

So it’s a giving that any physical exercise is good for you. It can has a longevity on your life and many other things.

I started running a few weeks back to a month at most I think. I mean I am not fat but I did put on the odd pounds, thus I began running.

I live in a rural area so a ran a lap, it is 3.3 kilometres and a good run. But that’s enough of me and lets get to the benefits.

So the benefits are that you strengthen muscles, yes even with running but then it’s the legs that will be strong. Having stronger bones and it improves your cardio, plus you burn a lot of energy.

I thought that running and jogging are the same but they are not. The difference lies in the intensity. Running is faster and burns more energy and it strains the heart, muscles and lungs more. Jogging is more keeping a low pace that you can maintain and holding it. Both are aerobic exercises and it stands for with air or oxygen and means that it produces energy by combining oxygen with glucose or fat.

It can have an improvement on your mental health, reduces stress, slow down depression and improve your heart health. Reduces your chances of death and is less likely to develop a number of forms of cancer. It gives you better sleep and stimulates memory and learning. It even causes better sex in people who exercise.

If you want to begin with running or jogging here a few tips:

+ Buy some running shoes or sneakers, it’s difficult to run in oxfords.

+ Have a bottle of water with you, drink before a run and after.

+ Wait at least a day or two to avoid overtraining, which can cause injury.

+ Plan your route, don’t run in grassy grounds and sand. A flat route is optimal.

+ If you live in busy cities avoid rush hour, all those gasses from vehicles are bad. Try mornings or evenings.

+ Wear loose cotton, and try it layered.

+ If you are older, consult with your doctor beforehand. It can be fatal to run if you haven’t ran in decades.

+ When you finished a run stretch, it is very important for your muscles.

A balanced diet is very crucial when jogging or running, you can take your phone with you and pair it with headphones or earpods. Don’t have it on full blast either. Stay alert and aware.

The truth behind “fake guru’s”

We all know those ads, people in fancy cars showing off their wealth and how you can be as rich as they are. Just for a “tiny” price you can join their course and be rich. If only if it was that simple

So after you have seen what they offer you join their program. The cost was a bit high but what’s like a thousand dollars if you become a millionaire, right? But their course is actually garbage.

Most of what they earn is people signing up for their courses. They don’t own any of the nice things you see, It is all rented. Showing off their Lamborghini claiming that is bought with their profits.

Even in those courses they show off how much they made, but that’s all gross and not net. Dropshipping is not worth it, the returns are marginally low and you basically offer an AliExpress item for more on another website. So it is not worth it.

But the real truth lays in their quote unquote cult. See those people how made those ads have a huge following and they are giving seminars to their followers. So all those ads it is not for the money or courses, deep down they want you to join their cult. Brainwash you into seeing him as a great person or whatever.

Why does Australia have poor internet?

Australia has a max broadband speed of a whopping 41.78 megabits per second (that’s 5.2225 Megabytes per second) while the rest of the world has a more developed 73.58 megabits per second (9.1975 Megabytes per second).

So why does Australia have such bad internet, well it has more to do with a big country and little population. It is simply for profitable enough to build a strong infrastructure, politics deal also a hand in it.

Australia’s largest telecom company Telstra is government owned after it was privatized. They had a vision to convert the national copper network with fiber in the 2000’s. They had $A4.5 billion set aside for it.

Telstra’s Board of Directors was a bit shady and pulled Sol Trujillo as a new CEO and he committed nepotism by hiring his mates to high positions.

Telstra had competitors, but when they heard about Telstra’s fiber plan they went to politicians who layed some ground rules. Telstra insulted the government that it needs to do it the “American way” to do business and that the government had no business in it.

Next the government said that it was building it’s own fiber network and it proved a bit too difficult to do it.

So later Telstra owned most of the fiber networks but do their poorly CEO’s their infrastructure was mostly a mix of aging copper and a coaxial cable.

So now Australians are stuck with a great idea but it went very poorly and that’s why they have poor internet.

What is the Dutch Prime Minister thinking?(Rant)

Image credit:

What is Mark Rutte thinking, no really?

In a video from Zondag met Lubach(Sunday with Lubach) about the corona wave. He is distant, saying he is not the boss of the Netherlands. You are, people are dying beause you do not take actions. Distant about masks and overal being very distant. He even says that’s up to the building if you need to wear masks. I believe the Netherlands need a new leader.

Yes I know that everything is not what we want, but we must in order to fight the virus. How many people will die before the Dutch Government takes serious action?

The Hague and North Holland are no-goes because many people get infected there. We need to stay strong not do like there is no virus.

We need lockdowns and need to wear masks, no must wear masks. Take our neighbours for example, Germany, they are doing absolutely fine because they take and took action.

Mark Rutte says that we do not need a government and that we should act like adults. We do need a functioning government, those who say that this needs to happen and that. Not a Prime Minister who is distant.

Thank you for listening.

Dutch Delft Blue

Delftware or Delft Pottery or commonly known as Delft Blue, which in Dutch is Delfts Blauw. It is a term used for Dutch tin-glazed earthenware. It’s mostly blue and white. It was produced in the City of Delft in the Netherlands. It’s also used in similar pottery in England but that’s called English Delftware.

It was started around 1600 and the most sought after period of Delft Blue is 1640 till 1740 and exporting it all over Europe.

It all began in 1500 when Guido da Savino, an Italian potter settled in Antwerp and 16th century italian maiolica was the main influence. It spread to northen Netherlands. Producion developed in Middelburg and Haarlem in the 1570’s and in Amsterdam in 1580. All of the finer work was developed in Delft, but simple pottery was made in places like Gouda, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Amsterdam and Dordrecht.

A Rich history of Tea

We had tea for thousands of years. In 1500 BC tea was drunk in the Yunnan Province of China. It became known to the western world by trade. It became popular in Britian during 17th century. The British also introduced the production of tea and the consuption of tea.


In a Chinese Legend, Emperor Shennong was drinking a bowl of just boiled water because he was teaching his subjects that they must boil it before drinking, then a nearby tree had blown leaves in his just boiled water changing the colour and taste. When te emperor took a sip he was taken suprised that it tasted so good because of it’s rich flavour and restorative properties.

The Emperor is also mentioned in Lu Yu’s book The Classics of Tea.

Tea in Japan.

It was during the Sui Dinasty in China that it was introduced in Japan. It became a religous drink. Japan sent envoys to China to learn about it’s culture and brought back some tea.

In 1738, Soen Nagatani developed the Japanese Sencha tea. it was a green tea and is still popular in Japan.