Best true crime channels on YouTube

Disclaimer: These are a list of channels I like and could differ from channels you like. Keep that in mind!

Coffeehouse crime

On an regular basis he uploads both solved and unsolved cases. The Cases are clearly presented and have a good structure.

Anna Solves

If you like your videos to have a feminine voice, this is the channel to be. With a clear background of the lives of the victims and perpetrators she paints a clear picture of what happened.

True Crime Daily

This larger channel does also post both solved and unsolved cases, but are more focused on American cases. There are also cases from other countries of course.

Eleanor Neale

Her videos are almost twice as long as the other channels but she makes up for it by being detailed. Almost like a documentary.

Real Crime

These videos are more like a documentary, since their other channels are primarily that. But you get a clear detailed picture of what happened.

Sorry for the very short post.

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