Best types of breakfast to start the day

So most times after I ran, showered it comes to breakfast. Usually if I feel particular healthy I take a slice of bread with cheese and cucumber and maybe a slice of tomato to go with it, but what are the best types of breakfast?

1. Eggie in a basket (V for Vendetta)

To start the day you start with a slice of bread and an egg (one egg per slice of bread). Cut a hole in the slice that you think will fit the egg. Butter a pan and put the bread in. Then crack the egg and pour it in the slice of bread. If the white of the egg feels solid turn it and after a few minutes you have yourself a delicious breakfast.

2. Yoghurt with some fruits

This one is most easiest to make: just pick a bowl, pour in yoghurt and put in müsli and/or fruits and you have yourself a lovely breakfast.

3. A grilled cheese

Maybe not the healthiest option but delicious nonetheless. Just grab a couple of slices, put cheese there or something of your own design and grill it.

4. Classic American

So American pancakes are a good delicious meal (although not so healthy either). First time making it is was a bit difficult but I did make them delicious. Just drizzle a bit of maple syrup on top and enjoy your breakfast.

5. A normal bready breakfast

Almost every day I start my day with bread. It is just so baked in my mind to have a bread breakfast. Just take a slice and butter it up and take some peanut butter or cheese.

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