The benefits of running (or any other exercise)

So it’s a giving that any physical exercise is good for you. It can has a longevity on your life and many other things.

I started running a few weeks back to a month at most I think. I mean I am not fat but I did put on the odd pounds, thus I began running.

I live in a rural area so a ran a lap, it is 3.3 kilometres and a good run. But that’s enough of me and lets get to the benefits.

So the benefits are that you strengthen muscles, yes even with running but then it’s the legs that will be strong. Having stronger bones and it improves your cardio, plus you burn a lot of energy.

I thought that running and jogging are the same but they are not. The difference lies in the intensity. Running is faster and burns more energy and it strains the heart, muscles and lungs more. Jogging is more keeping a low pace that you can maintain and holding it. Both are aerobic exercises and it stands for with air or oxygen and means that it produces energy by combining oxygen with glucose or fat.

It can have an improvement on your mental health, reduces stress, slow down depression and improve your heart health. Reduces your chances of death and is less likely to develop a number of forms of cancer. It gives you better sleep and stimulates memory and learning. It even causes better sex in people who exercise.

If you want to begin with running or jogging here a few tips:

+ Buy some running shoes or sneakers, it’s difficult to run in oxfords.

+ Have a bottle of water with you, drink before a run and after.

+ Wait at least a day or two to avoid overtraining, which can cause injury.

+ Plan your route, don’t run in grassy grounds and sand. A flat route is optimal.

+ If you live in busy cities avoid rush hour, all those gasses from vehicles are bad. Try mornings or evenings.

+ Wear loose cotton, and try it layered.

+ If you are older, consult with your doctor beforehand. It can be fatal to run if you haven’t ran in decades.

+ When you finished a run stretch, it is very important for your muscles.

A balanced diet is very crucial when jogging or running, you can take your phone with you and pair it with headphones or earpods. Don’t have it on full blast either. Stay alert and aware.

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