The truth behind “fake guru’s”

We all know those ads, people in fancy cars showing off their wealth and how you can be as rich as they are. Just for a “tiny” price you can join their course and be rich. If only if it was that simple

So after you have seen what they offer you join their program. The cost was a bit high but what’s like a thousand dollars if you become a millionaire, right? But their course is actually garbage.

Most of what they earn is people signing up for their courses. They don’t own any of the nice things you see, It is all rented. Showing off their Lamborghini claiming that is bought with their profits.

Even in those courses they show off how much they made, but that’s all gross and not net. Dropshipping is not worth it, the returns are marginally low and you basically offer an AliExpress item for more on another website. So it is not worth it.

But the real truth lays in their quote unquote cult. See those people how made those ads have a huge following and they are giving seminars to their followers. So all those ads it is not for the money or courses, deep down they want you to join their cult. Brainwash you into seeing him as a great person or whatever.

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