Why does Australia have poor internet?

Australia has a max broadband speed of a whopping 41.78 megabits per second (that’s 5.2225 Megabytes per second) while the rest of the world has a more developed 73.58 megabits per second (9.1975 Megabytes per second).

So why does Australia have such bad internet, well it has more to do with a big country and little population. It is simply for profitable enough to build a strong infrastructure, politics deal also a hand in it.

Australia’s largest telecom company Telstra is government owned after it was privatized. They had a vision to convert the national copper network with fiber in the 2000’s. They had $A4.5 billion set aside for it.

Telstra’s Board of Directors was a bit shady and pulled Sol Trujillo as a new CEO and he committed nepotism by hiring his mates to high positions.

Telstra had competitors, but when they heard about Telstra’s fiber plan they went to politicians who layed some ground rules. Telstra insulted the government that it needs to do it the “American way” to do business and that the government had no business in it.

Next the government said that it was building it’s own fiber network and it proved a bit too difficult to do it.

So later Telstra owned most of the fiber networks but do their poorly CEO’s their infrastructure was mostly a mix of aging copper and a coaxial cable.

So now Australians are stuck with a great idea but it went very poorly and that’s why they have poor internet.

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