What is the Dutch Prime Minister thinking?(Rant)

Image credit: AD.nl

What is Mark Rutte thinking, no really?

In a video from Zondag met Lubach(Sunday with Lubach) about the corona wave. He is distant, saying he is not the boss of the Netherlands. You are, people are dying beause you do not take actions. Distant about masks and overal being very distant. He even says that’s up to the building if you need to wear masks. I believe the Netherlands need a new leader.

Yes I know that everything is not what we want, but we must in order to fight the virus. How many people will die before the Dutch Government takes serious action?

The Hague and North Holland are no-goes because many people get infected there. We need to stay strong not do like there is no virus.

We need lockdowns and need to wear masks, no must wear masks. Take our neighbours for example, Germany, they are doing absolutely fine because they take and took action.

Mark Rutte says that we do not need a government and that we should act like adults. We do need a functioning government, those who say that this needs to happen and that. Not a Prime Minister who is distant.

Thank you for listening.

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