A Rich history of Tea

We had tea for thousands of years. In 1500 BC tea was drunk in the Yunnan Province of China. It became known to the western world by trade. It became popular in Britian during 17th century. The British also introduced the production of tea and the consuption of tea.


In a Chinese Legend, Emperor Shennong was drinking a bowl of just boiled water because he was teaching his subjects that they must boil it before drinking, then a nearby tree had blown leaves in his just boiled water changing the colour and taste. When te emperor took a sip he was taken suprised that it tasted so good because of it’s rich flavour and restorative properties.

The Emperor is also mentioned in Lu Yu’s book The Classics of Tea.

Tea in Japan.

It was during the Sui Dinasty in China that it was introduced in Japan. It became a religous drink. Japan sent envoys to China to learn about it’s culture and brought back some tea.

In 1738, Soen Nagatani developed the Japanese Sencha tea. it was a green tea and is still popular in Japan.

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