Why it’s vital that you have friends

“It’s not the lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Friends where are we without them? Just to talk to or just let the feelings out?

Why it’s vital!?

Friendships are most important and to have friends during marriage is the most vital one. Vital that the husband and wife are best friends who share a marriage based on honesty, loyalty, respect, communication and love.

Even if your spouse is your best friend, you need a friend of equal gender. According to research it’s more crucial for women to have another female friend than for a man to have a male friend.

Friendships between genders are most different, anthropologists have found that the main reason is women share an intimacy in the relationship while men share a more friendship in the literal form and is not intimacy based.

What are the benefits to have a friend?

Friends help you to feel less lonely, we are among billions and yet we feel alone. Friends close that gap.

Friends listen. A good friend who listens helps you to throw your weight off yourself, which can feel so good.

Less stress, friends can you help calm down, reduce stress and be more at peace with yourself.

Confident friend, Your number one fan is your best friend. They tell you how great you are and continue to lift you up, they tell you all about your good points and boost your confidence level.

Caretaker, A good friend takes care of you no matter what, who loves you and aren’t afraid of telling how they feel.

Cope with bad times, A friend will support you throughout a divorce, job loss or a death, a friend will always be there for you.

An honest friend, a good friend will tell you a truthful answer to a question you might have.

On your side, A friend is always on your side, a friend doesn’t always have to agree but they’ll be there when you expect them to be.

Increased happiness, a good friend can increase happiness, doesn’t argue all the time, betray you or disrespects or hurt you in any way.

A friend decreases your change of an illness, your friend is the person who has a positive effect on your mental and physical health, a friend helps you fight and support any disease or illness.

If you want to know if you have a friend like that(which you most likely have) here are important traits that a good friend has:

  • Is always honest
  • Shows empathy
  • Can laugh with you
  • Supports you no matter what
  • Is very reliable
  • Is very loyal
  • Is very thoughful
  • Respects you very much

If your friend ticks all the points, it’s amazing. Even if it’s just one it’s a friend nonetheless.

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