Beneficial Bilingualism

We may already have a second language, like Spanish or French. It’s a very good thing too, to maybe learn a new language. Imagine if you are out on a holiday and you don’t speak the language they speak, that’s quite embarrasing.

But if you apply for a job that makes you speak another language, like hotelier, it can quests feel more welcome.

In an article from the US National Library of Medicine it’s stated that there is both good and bad press about raising children in bilingual households, but some paediatricians recommend exposing children to multiple languages. Several studies have suggested that bilinguals show certain advantages in social understandings, they must navigate a complex social world where different people have different knowledge about languages. Bilingual pre-schoolers have somewhat better skills than people raised with only one language in understanding other people’s perspectives, thoughts, desires and intentions. 

Bilingual people also show cognitive advantages, they perform better in tasks which involve switching between activities and enact from previously learned responses. 

It is not clear to research why it is advantageous, but certain possibilities arise: Switching from languages, enact one language while speak another or simply by doing so trains the brain. 

While many parents of bilingual children are bilingual themself. Code mixing, the use of elements from two different languages in the same sentence or conversation, is a normal part of being a bilingual and interacting with other bilingual speakers. Code mixing is relatively frequent among bilingual parents. 

So it’s very good to learn a second language, it maybe hard but in the future it might come in handy.

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