Review: Corsair Virtuoso RGB SE

See I use to have the Razer Kraken, but I wanted to upgrade and I chose the Virtuoso RGB SE. The sound quality while gaming(especially Battlefield V) is phenominal. Although I have to admit that the headcushion is a bit more comfortable on the Razer Kraken.

When you want to use the headset you can do it in multiple ways, via cable and via USB. I have it via USB. You need to download iCue from Corsair’s website to let the RGB do it’s magic. Then restart your PC and it automatically connects.

The mic looks high end and is detachable so when the time for gaming is over you can detach it and watch music or watch Youtube.


  • It’s audio is phenominal
  • Easily detachable mic
  • Wireless or wired
  • Comes with a very nice pouch


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Headcushion starts to hurt a bit after a while
  • Not plug and play, setup require some(but not much) time

So all things considered it’s a very good headphone.

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